Technical assistance

In order to fully satisfy the Client’s requests, OFF-TECH offers two services of fundamental importance:
> Pre-sales consultancy
> After-sales service support
The pre-sales consultancy is dealt as turnkey in accordance with requirements and limits of the clients. This means a qualified consultancy with regard to technological development and a guarantee for serious and professional performance.
The after-sales service represents the long-term association of the customer, he has made by purchasing an OFF-TECH machine or entire plant. We not only provide original spare parts on demand, but also an on-call service to ensure a prompt arrangement of the service engineers.


OFFTECH’s journey during which the team learned the finer aspects of customer orientation, In order to spread this knowledge OFFTECH found mediums like newsletters, articles in trade journals and technical seminars. Following are the broad knowledge exchange programs that we have:

Knowledge Exchange Programs
  • OFFTECH Knowledge Path- technical seminars
  • Operator Training
  • Process audits
  • Project consultancy
  • Technical training

We welcome you to the knowledge world.